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» Las Vegas Forums   » Lifestyles   » Other Gambling Destinations   » Beau Rivage wins again!

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Author Topic: Beau Rivage wins again!
High Roller

 - posted August 23, 2011 08:49 AM      Profile for Gregg           Edit/Delete Post 
Similar to my previous trips, I received a comp offer for charter flight, 3 nights and Freeplay for August 19 - 22. How could I resist such an offer? I couldn't and so I visited the Beau again.

As has been mentioned in previous trip reports, these trips are very well organized and convenient. Flight from Dayton at 3:30 PM on Vision Airlines. Once you check in at airport, you do not handle or see your luggage again until it magically appears in your hotel room. Flight is approximately 90 minutes. At Gulfport/Biloxi airport 3 busses are waiting to whisk you to the Beau, about a 20 minute ride. Check in at desk in bus lobby is extremely fast, you just tell them your name and show credit card and are handed an envelope with room keys, players cards, welcome letter, departure instructions, property map, etc. There is absolutely no way it could be any easier.

Riding on bus to the Beau, we passed a billboard with electronic display showing their Freeplay progressive jackpot at something like $19,875. This is one of those random jackpots that can hit any machine at any time but is guaranteed to hit before reaching $20,000. It is just a matter of hours, if not minutes, before it will hit tonight.

As soon as we get our room keys we check the room out very quickly and head to the casino. By this time the progressive jackpot has been hit and reset at $5,000. When it hits, everyone in the casino who is playing with their players card in a machine receive $25 Freeplay. I missed out on the jackpot as well as $25 Freeplay.

The casino was busy but not too crowded. We could not find two seats together at Breeze Bar so we looked around for other video poker options and finally settled in on some comfortable slant top machines located near Snacks, a quiet area of the casino. Almost all of my VP play would be TDB. I managed to hit several quads but no bonus quads and left this session ahead by maybe $100 or so.

For dinner I went to Terrace Cafe (coffee shop) and had my usual fried seafood platter. I have this meal every trip, sometimes having it twice.

Should have called it a night but I decided to have a session on Triple Play. This was a very big mistake as I quickly lost all of my previous win as well as the full amount I had allowed to gamble for Friday AND Saturday. Surely my luck will change, won't it?

Saturday morning we started playing at the Breeze Bar. Played for several hours with NO quads at all.

I had 12,000 Reward Credits from using a Harrah's credit card the past few years and wanted to convert these credits into free play at Grand Biloxi. The Casino Hopper is a shuttle that you can ride for $1.25 per ride or $5.00 for an all day pass. I think it goes to 8 casinos and runs every 15 minutes so it is very convenient. We got on at Beau Rivage of course and Grand Biloxi is the first stop. I converted my points which were worth $60 free play. Instead of being downloaded to your card it was in the form of three $20 coupons which you simply insert in any machine. Played all of this on VP at a bar and then took Casino Hopper back to the Beau.

For a quick lunch we went to the Waffle House across the street from the Beau. I'm thinking this might make me eligible for the Fine Dining Club on this board. I have never been to a Waffle House before but will say that I had a very good cheeseburger at about 1/3 the cost of the coffee shop.

The rest of Saturday was spent playing lots of video poker. I never did hit a quad on Saturday! I actually got tired of video poker, probably because I was losing and could not hit a quad, and took several breaks by playing slot machines. It seems like I got a lot more play on slots than I did on VP. I found a bank of fifty cent 3 reel machines and played for over two hours on a Jackson. That was fun.

Dinner tonight would consist of pizza at the Coast.

Later on Saturday night we found the 100 Play video poker machines that used to be located by Breeze Bar. They are now located near the restaurants by the poker room. Also available are nickle VP machines that I had not noticed on previous trips. Had a short losing session on the 100 Play machines. I don't like 100 Play but my friend likes them and usually makes a profit on them. He was sitting next to me and was playing 25 hands on DDB. He called my attention to his machine to see that he had been dealt 4 Aces! On the draw he managed to get kicker on several hands. It ended up that he cashed out $400. This was a great return on a Jackson playing pennies.

There was a special drawing in the casino Saturday night. The drawing took place from 6 to 10 PM. Ten names were called each hour and you had 3 minutes to collect your prize. The drawing drum was opened at 4 PM and you could put in your entries anytime after 4 PM. At 6 PM the first ten names were called. Only six of the ten showed up. Four alternate names were drawn. This is the way it went for all of the drawings. I can't understand why anyone would enter the drawing and then not be there for it, at least for the first drawing at 6 PM? I made sure I was there for all 5 drawings but did not win.

Sunday started with more VP at Breeze Bar. No quads again! Decided to have lunch at Waffle House again. Just can't beat the cheeseburger for the price. The money saved on food can best be spent in a VP machine.

Took a break from gambling long enough to see the show New Ezuru at the Beau Rivage theater. This was a 90 minute show, parts of it were very entertaining and other parts were not.

Dinner at the Buffet. Yuck! I do not recommend this to anyone. We only went there because we had free coupons and wanted to give it a try. The biggest complaint I have is that the food that should have been hot just wasn't warm enough. Even the freshly carved roast beef I tried was room temperature. The taste of what I ate was ok but the temperature of the food was not.

I'm pretty sure that 2 trips to Waffle House, a pizza and the buffet will get me entry into the Fine Dining Club.

Could not do any good at video poker. No quads at all. Called it a night at midnight.

Started Monday morning playing VP at Breeze Bar, could not hit anything and decided to play some slots again. Did ok at slots, even making a couple hundred dollars on a fifty cent Wheel of Fortune machine.

Noticed that I have to leave in about an hour and returned to Breeze bar for a final vp session. Again, I am playing TDB. I hold a pair of 3's and on the draw I manage to pick up the other 3's with kicker! Finally, not only a quad but a bonus one with the kicker. This was to be the only bonus quad hit during this trip.

This was a losing trip but a fun trip. I did get to play all I wanted to and that's the only reason I go.

If the comp offers continue, I shall return and battle the VP machines again.

Thanks for reading.

From: Ohio  |  IP: Logged
High Roller

 - posted August 23, 2011 11:55 AM      Profile for Bellagiorat           Edit/Delete Post 
You missed the twenty five free play for just minutes.

Was the triple play you played TDB? If it was, I am not surprised you lost that much money fast, triple play TDB can be bloody murder!

Saturday sounds awful as far as VP. No quads can be terrible, more so if you play a lot of TDB.

Dalt aces on 100 play DDB is about as good as it gets, a nice hand even if only playing twenty five lines. I wonder if those 100 play machines had TDB, a lot of them don't. Wynn used to have theirs with TDB, but last trip they had removed that game and only had JB, BP, DB, DDB and a Deuces game.

There is a Waffle House in Bethlehem, PA, but I have not visited it. I'll have in mind the cheeseburger, if I ever do.

Your trip was not too bad. At the end of it you hit five hundred, and recovered some of the losses. Those bonus quads with a kicker in TDB are the reason the game is so enticing.

Thanks for the report.

[ August 23, 2011, 11:57 AM: Message edited by: Bellagiorat ]

From: An Oyster called World  |  IP: Logged
Chump and Bad Girl
High Roller

 - posted August 23, 2011 11:59 AM      Profile for Chump and Bad Girl           Edit/Delete Post 
I wonder if I am ever going to be able to get BG to pay the exorbitant airfares and deal with all of the hassles of the larger airports for anything other than our St. Louis visits to our son and family. We agree, the Beau air package is just flawless and is the closest us quarter VP players will ever come to VIP fanfare again given the leap in play requirements everywhere else. Darn, you just missed the Speedway and at least the $25 in free play! We really enjoy that seafood platter too. The only reason we didn’t do it is because of the lunch we had at Mahoney’s. The Triple Play machines sure sounded ugly that first night. Next to them sits the deuce banks which we hear sing much more often. Your quad count was way down as was ours. Thank goodness you hit the one bonus quad of 3’s on TDB! We missed the relocation of the 100 play altogether as we were back in that corner a few times. I have to wonder if they just did that as the only thing I saw was multi game uprights there. Those were the only machines that offered WHA’s. Good for your friend on the dealt aces, that’s what people live for on those. I think they have the free play drawings twice a week. We had our fingers crossed but didn’t get called either. Did you wonder around the parking garage at the Grand or have they finally broken down and put up some signage? Now that you have tried out the Casino Hopper, you may wish to visit IP one trip. They have three fun VP bars there which we have held our own on. That is our second favorite Biloxi casino. We enjoy that Waffle House too but always take it in just for their waffle breakfast. They have great bacon/eggs/grits, hash browns and grilled cheese sandwiches too. I think it should qualify you for the FDC. Maybe we are just lucky with the buffet. We are as fussy about room temp food as anyone and you see that a lot in these places. Maybe we just know what to get and not to get after eating in there a number of times. That said, we would still go into Beau’s before the upscale Strip buffets which have all been disasters for us. At least this one is free. Thanks for the tip on Ezuru, we’ll see it if we ever get the chance. Thank you for your Beau report, I enjoyed it very much. Now, if we could just all find some more quads there we would be VERY happy campers. [Wave]
From: Tampa, Fl  |  IP: Logged
High Roller

 - posted August 23, 2011 01:57 PM      Profile for Aramis           Edit/Delete Post 
Welcome home and thanks for writing a trip report.

I was telling my Mom about the Vision charter to Biloxi and she said that's how they always travelled to Las Vegas back in the '80's. They would go on different charters, get steak and champagne on the flights, the bus would take them to the strip hotel, an envelope would be handed to them with their room keys and coupons. There luggage would magically appear in their room that evening - sounds familiar? Now she complains about having to get her luggage, take the shuttle which stops at a bunch of hotels before hers and then she has to line up to check in. She thinks it's very uncivilized:)

I'm sorry the quads didn't appear often. Both myself and my husband didn't get many either. It was really the flushes, full houses and trips that kept us going. I steer clear of TDB, it's too expensive for me [LOL]

I received an offer for free tickets for that show but it looks Cirque-ish - I've seen enough of those over the years. Also some fight - don't do those either.
I also received the flight/hotel offer for October. They do seem to offer them every month from the Houston area. Now they are charging me for a $40 convenience fee per person.

I had breakfast at a Waffle House once, back in 1992 on I-10 half way between Houston and San Antonio

I hope you get many quads next time AND a royal or two [Wave]

From: Houston,TX  |  IP: Logged
High Roller

 - posted August 23, 2011 02:38 PM      Profile for Gregg           Edit/Delete Post 
Yes, the Triple Play was TDB and the money can go extremely fast. I'm almost certain that TDB was also on the 100 Play machines. It seems like I was playing it single line at nickels, just to conserve cash. My friend was playing 25 line DDB for 1 cent.

Chump and Bad Girl,
These machines were located just past the upright nickle Game Kings. Near the poker room and directly in front of a restaurant entrance (forgot name of restaurant).
We had talked about the casino being so crowded on weekends but this was not a problem. They were busy but not over crowded and no problem getting a machine (except at the bar).

One thing very different this trip was the unusually large number of beautiful young women. I'm not talking about "working girls". These girls were stunning. Very nicely dressed, most were with boyfriends or husbands. Saw them in the casino, restaurants, elevators, everyplace. People on the bus back to the airport were even commenting about this. May have been some type of models convention or beauty contest taking place, who knows? Certainly not the usual Beau crowd.

I put the ticket you sent me to good use on my first session Friday night and was ahead at that point. Thank you.

Yes, the show was Cirque like, however, with the much smaller stage and a cast of 20 it wasn't too bad. I'm one of the very few people on the planet who did not like Mystere at Treasure Island. Too much going on at the same time. This was nothing like that. I only went because it was free and to take a gambling break.

As much as I like TDB I may have to go back to DDB next trip.

I didn't have to pay the $40 convenience fee. This may be something new. It is still a very good deal though.

From: Ohio  |  IP: Logged
High Roller

 - posted August 23, 2011 06:26 PM      Profile for jtnorkus           Edit/Delete Post 
Gregg thanks for the report. I can relate to the losing trend as It's been a long time since I had a winning trip. [Shrug]
From: roanoke,va.usa  |  IP: Logged
Chump and Bad Girl
High Roller

 - posted August 24, 2011 09:05 AM      Profile for Chump and Bad Girl           Edit/Delete Post 
As for the new location of the 100 play, I’m sure I know where you mean. There is BR Prime, Stalla and Jia next to the poker room and out in front of these restaurants are banks of slots. We walked past this area several times coming and going to the progressive banks in front of the poker room. At the time, I thought that they had all but eliminated the VP back there as there had been three banks of uprights in that space and there was but one surrounded by slot machines on our last visit. Either I missed the 100 plays altogether or they just placed them back there the week before your arrival. When the 100 plays were next to the Breeze, they were always being played. Every time I passed by them, no one was playing 100 games but rather maybe five hands at short coin penny. I just don’t understand why people play them like that or how the casino makes anything by even putting them out on the floor.

I’m surprised that the crowds were not heavier than they were as the weekend rates seem to be three to four times those of the weekdays. That’s great they weren’t that bad for you! I think the Breeze is mostly full every night of the week. The Beau really needs a second VP bar. There was an extended one back in the Coast before Katrina and it was always busy too. BG and I take whatever available seat and another would always open up fairly quickly next to one or the other and we would save it for each and be playing together in no time.

The Beau is the hottest and biggest thing in Mississippi. It would come as no surprise to me if they didn’t have some sort of beauty pageant there over your visit. I remember our first visit to the Beau following Katrina. There was a cocktail waitress working at that time who was the most stunningly beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life working the tables in front of the Breeze. She was drop dead gorgeous but I never saw her again in all our subsequent visits to the Beau. It’s not unusual to see some very attractive gals at the Beau.

Maybe the biggest reason we still enjoy the Beau is to go and play their TDB and BDlx as we don’t have them here. As much as we love playing TDB though, I don’t think it’s a game that you can play continuously as you will bleed to death quickly if you don’t hit more frequent quads or at least a few bonus quads. Maybe next time you can mix your TDB play into a rotation with a few other games. It sounds like the biggest loss you took was playing TDB three play on your first night. The darn dollar TDB at the Breeze played so well at one time but now you hardly ever see anyone above the quarter denomination on anything and dollar play there is often completely dead.

The convenience fee is not a new thing. I can recall people talking about it over a year ago. We have never been charged for it. I’m guessing that people with little MGM play or from select cities with higher airport fees are being billed that charge.

From: Tampa, Fl  |  IP: Logged
High Roller

 - posted August 24, 2011 11:34 AM      Profile for Aramis           Edit/Delete Post 

I'm glad the TITO worked out a bit for you.

*I didn't have to pay the $40 convenience fee. This may be something new. It is still a very good deal though.

There was no convenience fee on the July offer, it first showed up on the August offer as well as Sept. and Oct. I have heard others being charged this convenience fee out of Ohio in recent months.

From: Houston,TX  |  IP: Logged
High Roller

 - posted August 28, 2011 03:02 PM      Profile for sandys           Edit/Delete Post 
Ouch to those quadless days.....I've had a few of those and there isn't one thing that's remotely fun about them.

Glad you enjoyed the Beau and oh so very close on the freeplay jackpot!

We have lots of Waffle Houses here in TX. Every time I see one I think of the movie "Tin Cup" with Kevin Costner as the golf pro as they spend some time eating in those. Definitely qualifies you for the FDC. [LOL]

Thanks for posting--hope you win the battle next time! [Wave]

From: Texas  |  IP: Logged

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